Brighter, Stronger pins. PhotoChromatic Technology. Unmatched Adjustability. Unbeatable durability. Undeniable innovation. Unconditional guarantee.

That's Black Gold!

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  • Now you can get a Black Gold bowsight custom built to your exact specifications by the masters at the Black Gold Custom Shop! Choose a sight from among the Black Gold roster of bowsights and then pick the base of your choice. Next, you’ll be able to pick pin size and pin color! In the end you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Black Gold bowsight made especially for you!
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Pins are 20% brighter than the next best

In the end, the point of a fiber optic bowsight is to be seen when it matters most – in low light conditions early or late in the day. That's when a bowsight's ability to gather light is put to the test.

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Which Black Gold sight is right for you?

This handy reference guide will show you, at a glance, the features of each and every Black Gold bowsight! Compare Black Gold models to select the bowsight that is right for you.

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Send us your favorite photo.

Did you bag a big buck with a Black Gold bowsight? Or any other critter for that matter? Black Gold fans want to see your photo! Please submit your image here! SUBMIT YOUR STORY

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